What I do

Creative strategy, big ideas, enticing copy

Print, Outdoor, TV, DM, Digital,

Augmented Reality, Corporate ID

Verbal Branding

Think flexibility

I’m comfortable working across all media from the traditional to the brand new, creating consumer as well as B2B campaigns using multi-million pound budgets or tiny ones.

I also bring the sharp eye for detail (well two actually) needed for DM, web copy, brochures and corporate communication. Writing on everything from A for AXAPPP to
V for Volkswagen.

I can get my head around a brief really quickly. Alternatively I can help to formulate a brief, producing ideas to concept stage or guiding them through to completion when required.

I come as a single creative or as a team, often with a couple of former Saatchi boys I’ve freelanced with for over 10 years who bring complementary skills.

I charge a daily rate or a fixed fee, working either on-site or from my office in Tunbridge Wells. And of course, thanks to that lovely invention the internet, I can be of service anywhere on the planet.

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I believe
  • in clarity of thought and simplicity of execution
  • nothing is in a box, everything is fluid.
    In this new environment one traditional skill remains: the ability to communicate – to all stakeholders, in all media, on all occasions
  • that any channel of communication only works if it gets attention, creates engagement, desire, action and is worthy of sharing with others
  • sound strategic thinking is a crucial component of the creative process, but it’s ideas that ultimately make it to the consumer’s consciousness
  • the right tone-of-voice is crucial to a brand
  • all forms of communication should be commercially focused but creatively led
  • last but not least: working in collaboration is not only fruitful, but inspiring and motivating for all involved