Case Study

VW Transporter

DM, Specialist Press, Posters, Online

Delivering the goods

12 page DM pieces

Where they were

Successive models of the Transporter had been utterly reliable for over 60 years. Unfortunately, through no fault of the UK client, the launch of the latest model was running late. As expectations built, interest waned.

Where they wanted to be

Fulfilling advanced orders and regaining trust.

Campaign idea
‘It’s here’

By empathising with patient customers we turned a problem into a creative opportunity. As part of a 2 million multi-channel campaign, executions of a 12 page self-mailer were written and produced for different industry sectors, as well as for owner drivers and fleet operators. (Not to mention a suite of 34 fulfilment letters.)

Return on Creativity

In the first 6 months

  • phone enquiries were up by 102%, coupon enquiries by 978%, online by 1128%
  • year-on-year figures showed an increase in sales of just over 20% and a market share up from 5.3% to 6.3%

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