A3 DM piece

Outdoor posters

Caddy Life research concepts

Sometimes no matter how much one interrogates the product, it just won't give up its competitive advantage. So, how to promote a rather modest compact MPV with no real benefits? (I hope you agree that the tone-of-voice solves it rather nicely.)

Where they were

In the right ‘space’ but thought to be uncompetitive on price.

Where they wanted to be

The new benchmark in the increasingly important Compact Van segment, and to cast-off the myth that a VW Caddy was expensive.

Campaign idea
‘The big little van’

David Abbott once said ‘if you get the positioning right you’re more than halfway there.’ Amen to that. And when words collide the positioning becomes memorable too.

Return on Creativity
  • thanks to the advertising and DM campaign more enquiries were received for the new Caddy than for any other commercial vehicle in VW UK’s history.
  • the online creative generated a click-through rate of almost 6%, nearly three times the average response

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