TV Stills - Lend us your husband

Lend us your cooking pots

Lend us your ingredients

Client said…

“An outstanding piece of advertising, even better than I could possibly have hoped for, there's not a single frame of the four launch commercials I would change. The results speak volumes!”

Award Unilever Worldwide ‘Top 10’ Campaign
Where they were

In the emerging markets of Central Europe it was business as usual for Unilever: locked in battles for market share with their arch rival P&G.

Where they wanted to be

To be first to market with innovative products; to develop and dominate new, high-value segments. Our task: to launch a radical, new cooking margarine and gain immediate trial.

Campaign idea

‘Lend us your husband, and in two weeks we’ll send him back to you tastier and healthier.’

Return on Creativity

Unilever’s most successful regional launch ever.
After 6 months:

  • spontaneous awareness 87%
  • understanding of proposition 84%
  • trial 82%
  • level of repurchase 67%
  • distribution level exceeding 60%
  • only 1.4% did not like/find the advertising convincing – proof that ‘likeable advertising sells’

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